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401k, 7, 80's music, a-ha, abc, adam ant, adobe photoshop, adult swim, adults, alanis,, andy warhol, anti-social, aromatherapy, art, astrology, b-52's, bath salts, bitching, black, blackberry, body jewelry, books, candle making, candles, cheese, cheese family, child advocate, christianity, color theory, comedy, communities, cooking, coupons, crafts, crock pot, culture, culture club, dave gahan, degrassi, depeche mode, devo, diet, digital art, diy, diy makeup, duran duran, eating healthy, eating right, ebay, ecommerce, electronic, erasure, essential oils, eurthymics, exercise, firefox, fonts, fragrant oils, g-mail, garbage, geisha, geology, george michael, gossip, goth, goths, greek mythology, haiku, hair care, harry potter, home decorating, homemade cosmetics, homemade makeup, hotwax, howard jones, human league, icon tutorials, icons, information society, internet, intj, investing, inxs, ipod, kajagoogoo, kawaii, knitting, kurt vonnegut, level 42, makeup, martin gore, martin l. gore, martin lee gore, mechanical turk, mini mexico, mood swings, movies, music, natural makeup, neopets, new order, new wave, nine inch nails, paint shop pro, pet shop boys, photoshop, piercings, pisceans, pixel art, pixel fonts, project runway, psp, psychological thrillers, psychology, pucca, reading, reality tv, recipes, sales journals, scritti politti, self awareness, sense of humor, sex, shopping, shyness, simple minds, slow cookers, solitude, spandau ballet, stocks, swap bot, swap-bot, talking heads, tea, tears for fears, the clash, the cure, the pet shop boys, the smiths, thompson twins, vector shapes, web design, wham
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